Valerie & Bob?

It all started four years ago when I (Jess) wore my first pair of green overalls handmade by me and mum.

Named after my grandparents, Valerie and Bob was born.

What started with overalls couldn't stop there. We found beautiful natural linens and began to bring more designs to life - with the Vera shift dress coming next. Over time dad's help became an essential part of the business and even my brother jumped in helping with markets and modelling the mens overalls.

It took a long time in the making, but mum and I always wanted to be able to share our designs with everyone else and are so happy to be starting this journey of a small family business.

Jess & Liz xx


Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainable & Ethical fashion has been a driving force behind Valerie & Bob from the beginning.

Sustainable fashion takes the whole lifecycle of a garment into consideration. Was it made ethically? Will the garment last through wear and tear? What will happen to the garment once it can no longer be worn? Can it be recycled or will it decompose?

The fabric we use is sought in its rawest form. Our garments are made using 100% natural linen that is OEKO certified. The quality of both the fabric and the manufacturing are so the garment will last.

We are an Australian owned and made business. Our garments are made in Adelaide, Australia complying with FairWork SA standards.

We aim to include transparency and accountability during every step of the life-cycle of a Valerie and Bob garment.

Fast fashion? No way. We are a slow and thoughtful business.